Broes, Beigium 比利時



Anouk Sanczuk - Violin
Elke De Meester - Accordion
Jonathan Ackaert - Trombone
Joachim Thys - Saxophone
Florian De Schepper - Guitar
Frédéric Dothée - Double Bass
Simon Raman - Percussion, Drums


Broes is a septet with its own sound. They started as a quartet which took form in the streets of the city Ghent in 2009. They continued building to their own repertoire, ranging from folk to gypsy jazz. In December 2010 Broes then got selected 'best upcoming band of the year', by Folkroddels. In April 2013 they become the winners of the Dranouter Rootsrally!


Broes plays at home and abroad. They performed in France, the Netherlands, Belarus and China.

For some tours they expand the band with extra musicians. 


一隊來自比利時的七重奏。音樂風格清新脫俗,作品取材於民族和吉卜賽搖擺,貫以爵士樂的精神打造出來。原為一組在根特(Ghent)街頭即興組成的四重奏,隨著作品的要求和豐富感,成員才添到七名。2010 年,組合嬴取了`Folkroddels(比利時人氣電臺)頒發之最佳新人獎',2013 年,Dranouter Rootsrally 音樂節最受歡迎大獎。曾在白俄羅斯、歐洲及中國巡演




Announcement on Player Change : Owing to unexpected circumstances, the bass player Kerwin Villasin of Jennifer Palor & the Urban Crew has to leave town and will be replaced by Charles Cabellon for the program on 28 October 2021.


樂手變動通告:由於不可預計的情况, “Jennifer Palor & the Urban Crew”的大提琴手Kerwin Villasin需要離開香港,由 Charles Cabellon代替在 10 月 28 日的節目演出。

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