Mikkel Ploug Trio, Denmark 丹麥



Mikkel Ploug - Guitar
Nicolai Munch Hansen - Bass
Martin Andersen - Drums


“Guitarist Mikkel Ploug’s star has been ascending-not only in his native Denmark, but also in various overlapping international jazz circles.” - Elliott Simon - All About Jazz (US)


Mikkel's debut album was released in 2006 and received a worldwide critical acclaim. Since then, the trio has toured Europe, Brazil and the US, playing most major jazz clubs and festivals. The trio has worked with great saxophonists like Mark Turner and Loren Stillman. Mikkel started from drums at four years but switched to the guitar in his teens. He graduated as Master of jazz guitar from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague Holland and has been living in Berlin, New York and Copenhagen. On drums is one of Denmark's most sought-after drummers Martin Andersen who has toured the world with the New Jungle Orchestra and many others. On bass is Nikolai Munch Hansen, one of the young keepers of Denmark's fine bass tradition.


自 2006 年首張個人唱片面世引起各地樂壇一致好評後,Mikkel Ploug 三重奏便開始在歐美及巴西等地巡廻演出。至今,三重奏已先後灌錄了七張唱片,其中更邀得色士風猛人 Mark Tuner 及 Loren Stillman 一起合作。自四歲開始學習爵士鼓,其後便主攻結他。在皇家海牙音樂學院以優異成績取得 Master,後,曾在柏林、紐約及哥本哈根等地生活。Martin Andersen 為丹麥最受人爭相聘用,亦是著名的大樂團 New Jungle Orchestra 之鼓手。






Announcement on Programme Change : Owing to unexpected circumstances, a main member of ‘Jazz Organix ‘ has left town and the program on 15 October will substituted by ‘Heidi Li Quartet’.

節目變動通告:由於不可預計的情况,“爵士Organix”的一名主要成員已離開香港,1015日的節目將由“ Heidi Li Quartet”代替。


* The presenter reserves the right to change the programme, artists as well as seating arrangements and audience capacities should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.  如遇特殊情況,主辦機構保留更改節目、表演者,以及座位編排和場地容納觀衆數目的權利。

*Due to the epidemic situation, program might have to be changed at the last min notice, please stay tune with 
www.facebook.com/hkijf for the latest update.


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