SIU2 | Hong Kong

The Chinese Alchemists

Ng Cheuk-yin |Sheng, Keyboard

Cass Lam | Sanxian

Jason Lau | Zheng

Peter Fan | Piano

Siuming Chan | Bass

Lawrence Tsui | Drums


SIU2, a locally bred band, presents a novel experience of Hong Kong music with their original and unique style. Their works challenge people’s inherent concept about Chinese music and create a new genre fusing modern and traditional, Chinese and western elements. SIU2 has been creating innovative new music that, with its eclectic fusion of colourful and sometimes bizarre city soundscapes, produces the band’s unique and unprecedented style that flows effortlessly through jazz, rock, classical Western and Chinese themes. SIU2 is a post-modern harmony that epitomizes Hong Kong.


Through invitation by the Hong Kong Arts Festival, SIU2 performed their original music in a concert titled Sheng It Up in 2008 and published their first album OPEN DOOR in the same year. In April 2010, SIU2 staged two concerts of Sheng It Up 2 and released the new album KonFusion.





Announcement on Programme Change : Owing to unexpected circumstances, a main member of ‘Jazz Organix ‘ has left town and the program on 15 October will substituted by ‘Heidi Li Quartet’.

節目變動通告:由於不可預計的情况,“爵士Organix”的一名主要成員已離開香港,1015日的節目將由“ Heidi Li Quartet”代替。


* The presenter reserves the right to change the programme, artists as well as seating arrangements and audience capacities should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.  如遇特殊情況,主辦機構保留更改節目、表演者,以及座位編排和場地容納觀衆數目的權利。

*Due to the epidemic situation, program might have to be changed at the last min notice, please stay tune with for the latest update.


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