The Young Cats Quartet | Hong Kong

Almond Yeung |Drums

Lau Hiu Tung | Guitar

Daniel Lo | Piano

Wong Tak Chung | Bass


Founded in summer 2010, Young Cats Quartet is a local group which plays various styles of jazz/fusion music. Since its foundation, the group has participated in various performances and is active in the local pop/jazz music scene. It plays not only for the general public in hotels, functions, weddings, malls and concert halls, but also for acute listeners of fine jazz. The group has been frequently hired for regular and one-time engagements at different major jazz venues in town such as Peel Fresco, the Melting Pot, Backstage Live Restaurant and Cali Cali.



Announcement on Player Change : Owing to unexpected circumstances, the bass player Kerwin Villasin of Jennifer Palor & the Urban Crew has to leave town and will be replaced by Charles Cabellon for the program on 28 October 2021.


樂手變動通告:由於不可預計的情况, “Jennifer Palor & the Urban Crew”的大提琴手Kerwin Villasin需要離開香港,由 Charles Cabellon代替在 10 月 28 日的節目演出。

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