The Buzz Bros Band, Holland (Cancel)


Erik Robaard - Double bass

Marnix Busstra - Guitars, electric sitar & bouzouki

Berthil Busstra - Fender Rhodes & keyboards

Marc Schenk - Drums



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“…adventurous, freely interpreted electric acoustic funky jazz ………….”


The Buzz Bros Band, a Dutch jazz quartet, is an initiative of guitarist Marnix Busstra and his brother pianist Berthil Busstra. In its first decade, the band has played all over the world, including Europe, India, China, and Indonesia. Wherever the quartet performs, their specific sound and their inspiring musical approach always charms the audience.


The music of the band is inspired by a myriad of musical styles, periods, and cultures, ranging from Miles Davis’ sixties jazz, to pop and soul music from the seventies, and music from India, Ireland, Africa, and Asia.


Merging these influences into a distinct, groovy and melodic entity, the band has created a concept that is both unique and contagious. Add to that the acoustic sound of the double bass, a drummer who uses brushes only, a timeworn Fender Rhodes piano, and the usage of a bouzouki and an electric sitar, what you get is the inimitable sound of The Buzz Bros Band.


The start of 2012 marked a next step in the development of the band, in introducing a new rhythm tandem. The Buzz Brothers are now joined by bassist Erik Robaard and drummer Marc Schenk. Together, the quartet is more than ready for a series of musical trips around the world.






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