Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre 香港大會堂劇院

14, 15, 16 October 2020 8.00 pm.
Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre 香港大會堂劇院
Tickets : HK$220

二零二零年十月十四、十五、十六日 (下午八時)

(Note: The seating capacity will not exceed 50%.  座位數目將不㑹超過50% 

Concerts tickets available on URBTIX outlets, internet booking, mobile telephone apps, credit card telephone booking from 2 October 2020 各場節目門票由二零二零年十月二日起於城市售票網售處、網上、流動購票應用程式 (Android/iPhone版) 及信用卡電話購票熱線。

Credit card telephone booking信用卡電話購票熱線: 2111 5999 10 am - 8 pm 上午十時至晚上八時

Internet booking 網上購票 : http://www.urbtix.hk 

*Hong Kong International Jazz Festival is pleased to dedicate the concert on 16 October 2020 to celebrate Daniel Pearl Music Days http://www.danielpearlmusicdays.org/

Discounted tickets 購買優惠

10% discounted tickets are offered to full-time students, seniors aged 60 or above, and people with disabilities and minder. Discounted tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis.



* The presenter reserves the right to change the programme, artists as well as seating arrangements and audience capacities should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

*Due to the epidemic situation, program might have to be changed at the last minute notice, please stay tune with www.facebook.com/hkijf for the latest update.
鑑於目前疫情有不可預知的變化,節目有可能受影響而需改動。請緊密留意及在www.facebook.com/hkijf 上收取最新改動訊息。

Program enquiry 節目查詢: 6473 3856  (12 pm - 8 pm) (上午10時至晚上8時)

Programs are subject to change without prior notice.  主辦方保留節目更改權利

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