Jerry Bergonzi Quartet, USA/Denmark

Jerry Bergonzi - Sax

Carl Winther - Piano

Johnny Åman - Bass

Anders Mogensen – Drums


"one of the most important saxophonists in the world " "現今世上最重要的色士風手之一"…..All About Jazz

Jerry Bergonzi is also well known as one of the greatest jazz educators at the moment. He is the author of Inside Improvisations Series, a manual that has become essential for jazz students around the world.


A fine, high-powered tenor saxophonist with a tone influenced by John Coltrane, a mastery of chord changes, and a strong musical imagination. He started on clarinet when he was eight, switching to alto at 12, and finally to tenor two years later. Bergonzi was inspired early on by Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, and Hank Mobley. He moved to New York in 1972, after struggling in the Big Apple for seven years and gaining some recognition as a member of Two Generations of Brubeck and of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, Bergonzi moved back to Boston in 1981, where he developed a strong career as both a tenor man and as an educator.


His enthusiasm has not changed since pianist Dave Brubeck hired him to tour with his quartet. Thirty years of success have passed since then: Bergonzi has played with the some of the most important jazz musicians on the international scene, has recorded around 200 albums with more than 60 under his own name, and created his own teaching method.


Over the last two decades, he stayed active, releasing a steady stream of albums on Double-Time, SteepleChase among others. He line up with Danish pianist and formed this US-Nordic quartet in 2010 , and has been playing more than 400 concerts all over the world.(Excerpted from the articles on All about Jazz and Jazz Times).


Jerry Bergonzi被All About Jazz列為現今世上最重要的色士風手之一,此外 J亦被公認為現存最偉大的爵士樂教育家。他無間地在爵士樂教育上作出貢獻,編寫了十多册名叫Inside Improvisations系列,成為了全球各地爵士樂學子必備的課本。


Jerry是一位高能量,細緻而優美的色士風手,和弦交替得出神入化,想像力豐富澎湃。十二歲學習單簧管,兩年後轉吹中音色士風。深受Sonny Rollins, Coltrane, 及Hank Mobley等影響。1972移居紐約,掙扎多年後終打出名堂,更成為Dave Brubeck組合成員近三十年之久。1981遷到波士頓在演奏及教學上雙線發展。Jerry一起合作過的樂手包括無數在國際爵士樂壇上的殿堂人物,他灌錄了超過二百多張唱片,個人名下就有超過六十之數。此外, 在教育上亦自研了一套教學方法,在教育界舉足輕重。


在過去的二十多年來,Jerry仍處於活躍狀態, 在教學及演出之餘仍不斷出版唱片.2010年和丹麥鋼琴手 Carl Winter組成四重奏, 至今已在世界各地演出超過四百多場。

Alonso Gonzalez Latin Jazz Quintet 

Franklin Torres: Bass

Gilbert Caselis: Piano

John Campo: Trumpet

Padget Nanton III: Drums 

Alonso Gonzalez: Percussion 


Latino Jazz Ahead 拉丁爵士樂亞洲代言人

The band was created by the Colombian percussionist Alonso Gonzalez in Kuala Lumpur with musicians from Malaysia, UK, China and Colombia in 2005, since then the group has been performing at festival stages such as Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival, Sunrise Jazz Festival, International Kuching Jazz Festival, Heineken Jazz Festival Hua Hin, Cartagena de Indias JazzFest, among others.


The Colombian Percussionist Alonso Gonzalez is one of the most recognized Latin-America musician in Asia. Alonso was part of the Roland Artist Band Malaysia and endorses LP (Latin Percussion). In 2015 Alonso released his first Album La Compostura, as a result of years travelling and recording with musicians around the world. He has performed and recorded for artists such as Steve Thornton Latin Jazz Quartet, Jose Thomas & Groove-unction, Greg Lyons, Farid Ali (Mister Gambus), Asiana Percussion Unit, Zainal Abidin, Resh Monu, among others.


由哥倫比亞敲擊樂手Alonso Gonzalez 夥集了來自中國、英國、馬來西亞等地樂手,於2005年在吉隆坡組成,曾參加了在馬來西亞、泰國及印度等地的音樂節演出。自首張唱片’ La Compostura’ 於2015出版以來,Alonso從未停下來,忙於奔走於世界各地的演出場所和錄音室。

Alonso被譽為是亞洲最受歡迎的拉丁美洲樂手,除帶領個人樂隊演出外,也是馬來西亞Roland Artist Band的成員,及LP樂器的代言人。合作過的樂手/隊有Steve Thornton Latin Jazz Quartet, Jose Thomas & Groove-unction, Greg Lyons, Farid Ali (Mister Gambus), Asiana Percussion Unit等。

Funktion, Thailand

Ekapiya Sungkatabtimsung, saxophones

Attakorn Daothongprasert , guitar

Suppakit Fongtanakit, keyboards

Sirapat Pongrotrat, bass

Thitirat Dilokhattakarn, drums


泰放克辛辣體驗 Tom ‘Funk’ Kung  

The three band members had teamed up when they were studying in  High-School. They shared the same interest and passion in music. They have indulged in Fusion Jazz since childhood. It is band’s dream to release a music album and produce quality music work.


During the past ten years, each group member pursued his dream and became involved in music-related projects as an artist in renowned music camps including Sony Music and as a backup musician at Thailand’s GMM Grammy.


Now they reunite and do amazing work in Fusion Jazz music album named “Solid Highway” which the music is composed by each group member.


“Funktion” is described as a young blood Fusion Jazz band with an aspiration and well trained skills.


由三名從中學時代已因‘ 樂’味相投亦開始一同夾Band的男孩子所組成。三人自幼已沉迷於融和爵士樂中,他們的夢想便是能泡製出一些好音樂,及出版唱片。十年過後,各人皆在音樂事業上有所成就,如和新力唱片簽約,及被挑選為泰國演藝盛事GMM Grammy的伴奏嘉賓。


今天,樂隊首張唱片 “Solid Highway”終於面世,是打響‘ 放克’招牌首首皆是原創作品。現時Funktion被形容為最具實力,年青有為的爵士樂組合。

Tjoe Man Cheung w/ the NTBM, Hong Kong/ Australia

朱文長/Tjoe Man Cheung ,guitar

林澤誠/Chak Seng Lam ,alto sax

Scott Edwin Dodd ,bass

黃彥康/Wong Yin Hong ,drums

Special guest on tenor sax.


Not to be missed, watch out for the wicked beasts香港製造國際融和品牌

NTBM (Not-To-Be-Missed) is an original international jazz collective led by Tjoe Man Cheung, a Hong Kong native guitarist and composer, and formed by emerging musicians from around the world. The group aspires to compose original jazz and perform globally. Tjoe unites Eastern and Western musicians on the stage to facilitate cultural exchange. The fusion of cultures results in interesting improvisation and experimental music conversation on the stage, which indeed epitomises the essence of jazz. From Asia to Europe, NTBM brings groovy urban jazz music that creates by string instrument, brass instrument and percussion presented by dynamic line-ups.


This exciting project began in London in early 2016. NTBM has initiated a couple of surprising line-ups and performed in gigs from the likes of Sofar Sounds London and Jazz In The Present Tense. With its growing recognition, NTBM has made its way to Hong Kong and China in Autumn 2016.


In 2017, NTBM has released their debut LP and orange in September. The launch party was held in the Hong Kong Arts Centre The release was followed by a series of tours in Osaka, Kanazawa, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur. (204)





及在同年秋天在中國及香港等地演出。首張作品’and orange’於2017年出版,在香港藝術中心首演後便在中國,日本及馬來西亞廵演。


Tjoe's compositions and performance style is incredibly unique and his clear charisma as a band leader clearly communicate his effectiveness working with other musicians.'-  Sofar Sounds London

Afternoon Tree 午後之樹 Taiwan/Japan

藤井俊充 Toshimitsu Fujii 口琴

程明 Mountain 吉他 Guitar

張道文 Annie 大提琴 Cello

陳依芳 Evon 二胡 Erhu

黃偉駿 Huang Wei Chun 小提琴 Violin


炙日樹下的一坏冰凍水果珍珠奶茶 The breeze with a thousand wings

Established in 2006 Afternoon Tree expresses a sound that is intimate, mellow, yet passionate and moving. The crisp hum of the harmonica, the simple and natural timbre of the acoustic guitar, and the deep rich harmonies of the cello create a cozy image of an afternoon tree with crickets singing in the gentle summer breeze. The erhu with its distinctive sound also brings new colors to the group.


Toshi composes and arranges for most of Afternoon Tree's music and likes to experiment with different instruments. Having been classically trained for over 20 years and yet able to break loose from its classical “box”, Annie’s cello sound is intricate and intense. Her broad tones serve as the bass of the group and contribute to their overall expressiveness. As the only instrumentalist that can play rhythms and harmonies simultaneously, Mountain often takes the role of the accompaniment, but his jazzy Blues wow the audience each time when he solos. Loving challenges, Evon takes a step from the world of traditional Chinese music to jazz, and her bravery is attributed to her rich techniques and over 20 years of experiences. In 2014, jazz violinist Wei-Chung joined in the group filling in the spot as a glue between jazz and folk music.


Afternoon Tree 是一個融合爵士、民謠及古典的組合,致力於發掘台灣、日本及來自於全球的樂曲,用與眾不同的器樂編制,創作悠揚溫暖、充滿想像力又能代表地方特色的音樂氛圍。



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