Gia & the Unpredictable Update, Canada 加拿大



George Ionescu - Piano, Keyboards
Wilson Laurencin - Drums
John Johnson - Saxophone
Alan Hetherington - Assorted Percussions
Alexander St Kitts - Bass


Probably the best stuff   Wakeman never did!  Touches all kinds of genres symphonically speaking!”  Gagliarchives Radio, Philadelphia


Gia & The Unpredictable Update are built around the virtuosic musical skill and imaginative compositions of pianist/keyboardist and band leader Gia Ionesco. His talents have attracted the attention of the cream of the crop of Toronto jazz players. Gia and his comrades make musical magic; their sound is a daringly genre-defying blend of world, fusion, jazz, classical and progressive rock elements, one that places them in the vanguard of contemporary jazz.


Gia & the Unpredictable Update 是由多名頂級的加拿大爵士樂手組成。他們有 Juno Award 得主、音樂教授、名作曲家…他們體現現代爵士樂精神,出神入化。無論在人員的組合上,或音樂的製作上,每次莫測爵士的演出都帶給觀眾一種變幻莫測的驚喜。作曲兼琴手的 GIA 杷各種不同的音樂元素融入創作,音樂風格包含了現代爵士,搖滾,融合,及世界音樂。作品有著獨特的多元和包容性,特顯出加拿大人的精神。


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