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The 5422 Collective is a jazz orchestra formed in 2013, which consists of accomplished players from different musical backgrounds who share the same keen passion for jazz. Writing its own book, The 5422 Collective adopts a more modern compositional style and features primarily original works, along with a number of rearranged jazz vocal favorites. The 5422 Collective made its debut performance at the Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2013 and received critical acclaim. Its debut album is currently underway.


The 5422 Collective 是成立於 2013 年的爵士大樂團。成員各具經驗、技藝,風格背景迴然不同,因對爵士樂的熱愛而加入。樂團以演奏原創器樂作品為主,亦有些許重新編寫的演唱曲目。於香港藝穗民化節 2013 作首演,並獲一致好評。


擔任樂團的指揮/作曲/編曲/鋼琴演奏的雷柏熹於美國Berklee College of Music 畢業後回港發展其音樂事業,並於多方面取得佳績。曾多次出席多個音樂節,奪得台中爵士鋼琴比賽首名。除組合外,雷柏熹亦多次為各爵士大樂隊指揮、寫作及伴奏。流行音樂界別之中,他曾為 Rubber Band、謝安琪、G.E.M.、側田、衞蘭、蘇永康等作 現場演出、作曲、編曲及錄音。

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