Maple Jazz Band, China 中國



Jason 徐啟華 - Drums, Band Leader
Hugo Liang 梁華剛 - Piano
Wen 溫嘉宇 - Bass
Steven 劉洋鋼 - Saxophone
JY-So 蘇君儀 - Voca


Maple Jazz band was formed in 2007. All members studied and graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and tutor
and instructor for the KHS Music centre. The direction of their music is mainstream jazz. They keep on exploring the legacy of this great art form besides fusing all kind of music genres, especially the funk tradition and Latin tinge. Members have attended master classes held by jazz greats like Tommy Smith, Brady Blade and Will Calhoun, as well as Hong Kong jazz icon Ted Lo. With all the effort and hard works, Maple Jazz band now emerges to be one of the most successful jazz bands in the southern part of China.


MAPLE JAZZ BAND 2007 年成立於星海音樂學院,成員均來自星海音樂學院的專業人士,現任KHS集團廣州和諧音樂中心的專業老師。樂隊以傳統爵士樂為核心,致力於正宗爵士樂的探索與研究,不斷融合多種現代爵士風格如:Modern、Fusion、Funk、Soul、Latin 等,還不斷對國內外經典歌曲進行改編,更直接地推廣爵士音樂!自樂團成立以來,曾接受過英國著名爵士色士風演奏家 Tommy Smith、美國打擊樂兼錄音大師 Brady Blade、Will Calhoun、Anthony Gonzalez、亞洲著名爵士樂隊 Ted Lo Trio 等多位世界級大師現場指導。經過多年的發展,MAPLE JAZZ BAND 已成為華南地區具有影響力的爵士樂團之一。


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