4 Oct 2015 Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Piazza C


Jean-Philippe Koch, piano鋼琴

David Kintziger, Bass低音

Michel Meis, drums




2012年由鋼琴手Jean-Philippe Koch組成的三重奏 Dock In Absolute,是向爵士及古典音樂的中間路線發展的年青隊伍。作品均為以古典、爵士、流行、電子及電影配樂為原素的全新創作。組合曾在盧森堡巡演多回,並在歐洲共同體大會上,在總理及公爵夫人席前演出。


The group performs the pianist’s own compositions and arrangements of works varying in style from jazz, electra, classical, pop to film music. The trio played together for the first time in 2012, when it decided to explore a new style that at times becomes a fusion between classical music and jazz. The band has performed in many different concert halls and for the latest for the European Parliament MEP with the presence of its president, the prime minister and the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. In reaction to the huge success of their live performances. Dock in Absolute now intends to bring its music to a wider audience, starting in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Japan and China.




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